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Aging of the skin is due to a combination of factors. The cumulative effects of time and chronic exposure to UV radiation causes the skin to lose its thickness and elasticity and develop wrinkles. There is now an increased interest in a wide range of treatments for skin aging, which are used to rejuvenate skin with minimal downtime and complications. Several different types of procedures have been designed to produce alterations in the dermis with no epidermal damage. Shay’s Health and Beauty Spa offers treatments that have minimal or no down time including IPL, Laser treatments, radio frequency skin tightening, Ultrasound skin treatments, injectable fillers, neurotoxins (such as Botox), skin needling and bio-rejuvenation with topical medications to stimulate collagen synthesis and rejuvenate the aged skin.

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The skin is also the only organ continually exposed to the outside world,but also reflecting the general internal health condition and age changes.

Aging of the skin is caused by both intrinsic (biologic), and extrinsic (environmental) factors. The quality of skin is greatly affected by aging, as skin ages, it tends to become roughened, lax and wrinkled with some telangiectasia (red splotches) and pigmentary changes (brown patches).

The main feature of photo damaged skin is discoloration, laxity and wrinkling. Facial rejuvenation is an art as well as a developing science. Patients routinely request information on improving the signs of facial aging; it is her skill and experience that allows her to select the most appropriate intervention based on the patient’s age, needs and concerns, extent and location of volume loss and cosmetic goals as well as budget. Because each person is unique, there is no one modality that is best for everyone.

The non-surgical treatment options for addressing these changes may be simplified into five categories, often referred to as the 5 Rs (Redraping, Resurfacing, Retaining, Relaxing and Refilling) of skin rejuvenation: Redraping and lifting redundant tissue (Ultherapy, Juvashape, Laser treatments); Resurfacing skin with ablative (Laser resurfacing)or non-ablative (Pixel, ClearLift) technologies whether physical, chemical (chemical peels) or mechanical (microneedling); Retaining with skin care (private label, skin care); Relaxing wrinkles that are due to muscle expression with neurotoxins (injectables) and Refilling of diminished fat and dermal thickness by restoring volume ( fillers, fat injections)

We will explain and discuss all of the appropriate options for you at your private consultation. In the interim, please feel free to browse the following pages to see which procedures interest you. Additionally a full skin consultation with VISIA analysis is available at no charge with our Licensed Medical Esthitician.

Skin Rejuvenation

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